What is Squatch  Smashers?

Do you have a problem with rampant Sasquatches stealing your apples? Maybe a Ghost is hanging around your breakfast nook saying mean and scary things about your hair. In either case, you need to get help from Squatch Smashers Comedy Podcast.

Follow the advice and adventures of Zeke Delfour and his unwilling co-host Vlad as they explore the world of Bigfoot and the Supernatural from a T-shirt kiosk in a failing mall later to be joined by a stylish Steam Punk Robot Jenny and then Elvis, the King of Rock and Roll except that he is a Necromancer for some reason and they end up on the run from government forces in a massive underground catacombs where the government has been stuffing cryptids and supernatural threats for decades.




The Heat is On:

Skedaddle Cafe

Big Wheezy Organs

Jolche Briona’s Sunglass Oasis

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"Squatch Smashers is the Squatchiest and Smashiest show in Podcasting by far!"

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We have shirts AND can make a custom shirt for you if you would like.