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Season 2 Premier! Episode 1 – Vlad’s Intervention

Squatch Smashers Season 2 Episode 1- Vlad’s Intervention was produced and edited by Darren Esler Written by Darren Esler and Matt McDonald and George Pete Caleodis Vlad the Vampire was played by George Pete Caleodis. Please follow him on twitter @caleodis. Darren Esler played Zeke Delfour and some other characters. Matt McDonald brought great nuance

Mini Episode 015.6 – Season 2 Secrets Revealed

# Mini Episode 015.6 Episode Notes Zeke Delfour played: Darren Esler Vlad played by George Caleodis www.caleodis.com That’s it. That’s all the notes you get…. OK. Look. We may have failed to properly coordinate with our planned guest star and now aren’t sure where he is or what he is doing. But don’t worry! Vlad

Mini-Episode 015.5 – Core of Darkness Mantle of Trust

Mini Episode 015.5 Notes [Squatch Smasher Comedy Podcast Website](https://www.squatchsmashers.com) [It’s Already Been Done Presents](https://www.iabdpresents.com) In this Squatch Smashers mini-episode A clip from the beloved serial Dramedy: The Adventures of Janice, Strong Capable Woman, and Friendly Sal featuring the beloved “fan-favorite” characters, Capable Janice and Friendly Friendly Sal. (Janice is the assistant to Master Chad who

Mini Episode 015.4 – “The Remembering” Part 3

Vlad finishes his epic tale of his Super-Soldier threesome with a female Bigfoot. The night Zeke was created. This mini-episode of Squatch Smashers was written by Matt McDonald and Darren Esler and George Pete Caleodis. Zeke Delfour was played by Darren Esler Vlad was played by George Pete Caleodis Jenny model 8675309 was played by

Mini Episode 015.2 – Vlad’s Wake-up Call

Jenny gets bored and zaps Zeke and Vlad awake. They try to forget what they have learned and begin a journey into Vlad’s Past. Thank you for listening to mini-episode 2, the first of a 3 part mini-episode arc of mini-episodes. This episode was written by Matt McDonald and George Pete Caleodis and Darren Esler

Episode 01.1 The Lake Erie MANSter Reboot edition.

Episode 1 of Squatch Smashers Comedy Podcast. Re-written and Re-recorded Zeke Delfour introduces himself, his Bigfoot / Supernatural Investigation company / T-Shirt Kiosk. Answers a Q & A from prospective clients and interviews a Charter Boat Captain about his encounter with the Lake Erie MANSter. Squatch Smashers episode 1.1 reboot – The Lake Erie MANster

Episode 015 “You may remember him from…”

This week’s episode: Zeke has problems with Vlad’s disappearance, Jenny plays clips from Zeke’s old shows and an old fashioned Hoi Polloi Hotline! Plus a huge reveal that you did not see coming! Squatch Smashers Episode 15: “You may remember him from…” which is also the Season 1 Season Finale. Surprised? So were we. We

Episode 013 – Elvis Fight!

This week’s episode is “Elvis Fight”. What more do you need? Seriously. Elvis vs. Elvis action. Squatch Smashers Episode 13 Elvis Fight – was produced and edited by Darren Esler This weeks episode: It’s called Elvis Fight. What more do you need? What are you waiting around for? Go listen now! Written by Darren Esler

Episode 012 – Jake Mallet – Private Investigator

Squatch Smashers Episode 12 Jake Mallet – Private Investigator – was produced and edited by Darren Esler This week, Vlad forgets to book a guest but a Private Investigator shows up and gives the guys the third degree. Plus an Elvis fight breaks out. Written by Matt McDonald and Darren Esler and George Pete Caleodis