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Episode 01.1 The Lake Erie MANSter Reboot edition.

Episode 1 of Squatch Smashers Comedy Podcast. Re-written and Re-recorded Zeke Delfour introduces himself, his Bigfoot / Supernatural Investigation company / T-Shirt Kiosk. Answers a Q & A from prospective clients and interviews a Charter Boat Captain about his encounter with the Lake Erie MANSter. Squatch Smashers episode 1.1 reboot – The Lake Erie MANster

Episode 013 – Elvis Fight!

This week’s episode is “Elvis Fight”. What more do you need? Seriously. Elvis vs. Elvis action. Squatch Smashers Episode 13 Elvis Fight – was produced and edited by Darren Esler This weeks episode: It’s called Elvis Fight. What more do you need? What are you waiting around for? Go listen now! Written by Darren Esler

Episode 006 – The UFO / Bigfoot Connection

This episode goes in depth about the UFO / Bigfoot Connection. (or not) Creator, writer, editor and Zeke Delfour performer guy: Darren Esler Darren was also Big Wheezy, Master Chad, Crowd and students Vlad performed by George Caleodis Pod LaCroix was performed by Matt McDonald

Episode 003 – Todd Standing’s 3rd Cousin Twice Removed

You have all heard of Todd Standing in the Bigfoot world from his appearances on Survivorman and his Documentary called Discovering Bigfoot on Netflix. (or you haven’t… but let’s pretend) Well, we don’t have THE Todd Standing, but we have the next best thing! His third cousin twice removed Rod Standing. Also, Zeke explains what