Episode 007 – The Mothman of West Virginia

In this episode, Zeke is deep in the woods of West Virginia looking for the famous Mothman. Vlad attempts to get security to let him out of the sound booth and Head of Security Timmy Pillows recalls his childhood encounter with the Mothman. Plus Bridge Kersplosions! Creator, writer, and Zeke Delfour performer guy: Darren Esler

Episode 006 – The UFO / Bigfoot Connection

This episode goes in depth about the UFO / Bigfoot Connection. (or not) Creator, writer, editor and Zeke Delfour performer guy: Darren Esler Darren was also Big Wheezy, Master Chad, Crowd and students Vlad performed by George Caleodis Pod LaCroix was performed by Matt McDonald

Episode 005 – The Pittsburgh Gollum

In this episode, Vlad makes what is clearly a false accusation and a recording of the legendary Pittsburgh Gollum is presented Creator, writer, and Zeke Delfour performer guy: Darren Esler Vlad performed by George Pete Caleodis Twitter him @caleodis AMP and Gollum performed by Phil Porter. Phil is a 30 year veteran of the Columbus,

Episode 004 – Chalupacabra – The Taco Sucker

Episode Notes Oh boy. We had huge cliffhanger last week so this week we find out what happened with that mess plus a local college student is threatened by the notorious Chalupacabra – The Taco Sucker. Squatch Smasher Comedy Podcast Website It’s Already Been Done Presents Creator, writer, and Zeke Delfour performer guy: Darren Esler

Episode 003 – Todd Standing’s 3rd Cousin Twice Removed

You have all heard of Todd Standing in the Bigfoot world from his appearances on Survivorman and his Documentary called Discovering Bigfoot on Netflix. (or you haven’t… but let’s pretend) Well, we don’t have THE Todd Standing, but we have the next best thing! His third cousin twice removed Rod Standing. Also, Zeke explains what

Episode 002 – Vlad The Werewolf

In this episode: Vlad the “Werewolf” calls into the show to dish the dirt on just how terrible Werewolves are and he should know because he is one. 100%. Darren Esler – writer, editor, performer for all characters except for: Vlad, Callers #3 and #4 played by George Pete Caleodis @caleodis on twitter http://www.caleodis.com/ –