Episode 003 – Todd Standing’s 3rd Cousin Twice Removed

You have all heard of Todd Standing in the Bigfoot world from his appearances on Survivorman and his Documentary called Discovering Bigfoot on Netflix. (or you haven’t… but let’s pretend) Well, we don’t have THE Todd Standing, but we have the next best thing! His third cousin twice removed Rod Standing. Also, Zeke explains what

Episode 002 – Vlad The Werewolf

In this episode: Vlad the “Werewolf” calls into the show to dish the dirt on just how terrible Werewolves are and he should know because he is one. 100%. Darren Esler – writer, editor, performer for all characters except for: Vlad, Callers #3 and #4 played by George Pete Caleodis @caleodis on twitter http://www.caleodis.com/ –