Fire Walken with Me

Timmy Pillows and his government henchmen try to build trust at a team building retreat as Zeke Delfour and the squad try to build their own trust before becoming desperate enough to resort to doing improv.

This episode was written by Darren Esler, and Matt McDonald, and George Pete Caleodis

Zeke Delfour, Announcer 1 Captain John Vander, Blue Planet Announcer, Big Wheezy, Master Chad and Christopher Walken were played by Darren Esler – I have two IMDB pages because I don’t know how to combine them. I’ll just go with the writing one.

Vlad, Mafia Announcer, French Guy, Gooby, and Christopher Walken were played by George Pete Caleodis Here is his IMDB page

Elvis, Three Stars the Ninja and Christopher Walken were played by Phil Porter.His Twitter account.

Jenny the Robot and Christopher Walken were played by Mary Ellen ClarkHer Twitter account.

Timmy Pillows was played by Charlie Weirauch @weirauchc Check him out on IMDB.

Capable Janice was played by Kelly Wortkoetter

Pod LaCroix was played by Matt McDonald

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