The Honey Island Swamp Monster aka I Gotta Whole Liotta Love

A national tragedy occurs and the team takes refuge on an island only to see Vlad abducted. Elvis summons up an old friend to help out.

Created by, edited by Darren Esler

This episode was written by Darren Esler, Matt McDonald, and George Caleodis and Phil Porter

We welcome to the cast Mr. Rob Wahl. Rob was nearly lost in Ohio’s SNOWPOCALYPSE 2019 but survived with most of his digits and enough of his tongue to play the part of Justin Wilson. A character I would break all sorts of improv rules to try to make him play. “Oh no! Our Spaceship is under attack from aliens! What should we do Commander… Justin Wilson?” Good fun

Dino Tripodis played the Deadly TRIPOdis @dinotrip Here is his IMDB page

Vlad the Vampire, NFL Films Announcer and “Mafia Announcer”- George Caleodis Here is his IMDB page

Old Timey Announcer – Matt McDonald – No IMDB page for him. His is off the grid.

Elvis and Ray Liotta played by Phil Porter.His Twitter account.

Jenny model 8675309 played by Mary Ellen Clark. Her Twitter account.

Theme Song and Ending song by Jason Paige Here is his IMDB page

Zeke Delfour, Announcer 1: Darren Esler – I have two IMDB pages because I don’t know how to combine them. I’ll just go with the writing one.

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