The Loveland Frog has got a knife

Timmy Pillows reveals that he is capable of unleashing cryptids throughout the catacombs and the crew encounters the deadly Loveland Frog. Also, an old ‘friend’ makes himself known.

Created by, edited by Darren Esler

This episode was written by Matt McDonald and Darren Esler

Timmy Pilows brought to life by fan-favorite Charlie Weirauch. @weirauchc Check him out on IMDB.

Dino Tripodis played the Deadly TRIPOdis @dinotrip Here is his IMDB page

Vlad the Vampire, NFL Films Announcer and “Mafia Announcer”- George Caleodis Here is his IMDB page

Pod LaCroix – Matt McDonald – No IMDB page for him. His is off the grid.

Zeke Delfour, Big Wheezy, Master Chad, Announcer 1: Darren Esler – I have two IMDB pages because I don’t know how to combine them. I’ll just go with the writing one.

Theme Song and Ending song by Jason Paige Here is his IMDB page

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