Season 2 Episode 5: The Evil Alliance Allies Itself Evilly

Despite the exciting revelation at the end of the last episode, we take a look at what is going on back at the Dunglewood Mall as the Evil Cabal of Timmy Pillows (his real body), Big Wheezy, Pod LaCroix, and Master Chad discuss their plans. It is also the Spooky Holiday Episode!

[It’s Already Been Done Presents](

Created by, written, edited by: Darren Esler

Timmy Pilows brought to life by fan favorite Charlie Weirauch. [Check him out on IMDB.] (

NFL Films Announcer and “Punk 1”- [George Caleodis](

Pod LaCroix – Matt McDonald

Big Wheezy, Master Chad, singers – Darren Esler

Alexa – herself

Theme Song and Ending Song by Jason Paige

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