Squatch Smashers Season 2 Episode 2 – The Conclusion of “The Intervention”

Season 2 Episode 2

# Episode Notes

[Squatch Smasher Comedy Podcast Website](https://www.smashmysquatch.com)
[It’s Already Been Done Presents](https://www.iabdpresents.com)

Creator, writer, and Zeke Delfour performer guy: Darren Esler

Vlad performed by [George Caleodis](https://www.caleodis.com)

Conclusion of the Intervention.


Squatch Smashers Season 2 Episode 2 – Conclusion of the Intervention was produced and edited by Darren Esler

Written by Darren Esler and Matt McDonald and George Pete Caleodis

So many guests to go over!
Vlad the Vampire was played by George Pete Caleodis. Please follow him on twitter @caleodis

Jason Paige played David Pidgey. Please check out jasonpaige.com where you can see his other work and you can contact him. He wrote and performed the awesome new theme song, this cool end credits song. He also sang the Pokemon theme song on the tv show and the video games. So why is he on our dumb little show? Again, I do not know but he is incredibly talented and you should hire him. Find out how on his webpage. Jasonpaige.com

Reprising his role as Fan Favorite Timmy Pillows was himself, the fan favorite Charlie Weirauch. Check him out on IMDB. Spell his name right. It’s Charlie Weirauch.

Mary Ellen Clark as Jenny the robot. Mary Ellen Clark is a nurse ninja, pitty mama, and instapot guru who fell out of a TARDIS. She wrote that herself. Probably using speech to text.

Joe Teeters was Rod Standing Joe is an improv actor and an advocate for the Chrons and Colitis Foundation. A Worthy cause! Check him out at the Nest Theater in Columbus for upcoming shows.

James Sparks from Tech Support was portrayed by special Guest Star Jack DeVoss. Jack is an on-air personality for iHeart Media and co-host of The Over The Line Show on 610 WTVN radio which is also a podcast https://overthelineshow.wordpress.com/
Jack lives in an abandoned church in Columbus, Ohio and has a drinking problem. Follow him @Holdensolo

Phil Porter was Elvis and Amp Johnson he sometimes performs in a two man act, Reginald, with Chris Heiberger and mentors young improvisors in Columbus.

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