Season 2 Premier! Episode 1 – Vlad’s Intervention

Squatch Smashers Season 2 Episode 1- Vlad’s Intervention

was produced and edited by Darren Esler

Written by Darren Esler and Matt McDonald and George Pete Caleodis

Vlad the Vampire was played by George Pete Caleodis. Please follow him on twitter @caleodis.

Darren Esler played Zeke Delfour and some other characters.

Matt McDonald brought great nuance to Arnsh MacGregor

We had two special guest stars this week.

Reprising his role as Fan Favorite Timmy Pillows was himself, the fan favorite Charlie Weirauch. Check the notes and our webpage for his IMDB page.

Jason Paige played David Pidgey and Clifford A McFoley. Please check out where you can see his other work and you can contact him. He wrote and performed the awesome new theme song, this cool end credits song. Incredibly talented and you should hire him. Find out how on his webpage.

We are proud members of the Columbus Ohio based IABD presents network. Please go to an check out the myriad of shows there.

If you like the show, please share it with any friends who have a sense of humor. Just tell them to go to They can get everything there. Contact info, merchandise, show credits.

Now everyone go and have a beverage. And thanks for listening.

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