Episode 01.1 The Lake Erie MANSter Reboot edition.

Episode 1 of Squatch Smashers Comedy Podcast. Re-written and Re-recorded

Zeke Delfour introduces himself, his Bigfoot / Supernatural Investigation company / T-Shirt Kiosk. Answers a Q & A from prospective clients and interviews a Charter Boat Captain about his encounter with the Lake Erie MANSter.

Squatch Smashers episode 1.1 reboot – The Lake Erie MANster was written by, Darren Esler and Matt McDonald

All characters except for the tour de force that was “space employee” was performed by Darren Esler. He also edited it, did all of the technical doohickeys, the announcing. Are you impressed yet?

Space Employee performed by Arthur Esler

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This has been the original edition of episode 1 of season 1 and if you listened to it once before and you think it seems a lot different and maybe better, like it was re-recorded after figuring out some stuff over the course of 14 additional episodes, well, you are probably being attacked by a deja-vu vampire and should contact us at Smashmysquatch@gmail.com or via Twitter @smashmysquatch.

Thank you for listening and go have a beverage!!


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