Episode 011 – Master Chad’s School of Monster Defense

In this episode, Master Chad from the Neckmeata style of throat punch Karate gives Zeke lessons in Monster self-defense. Vlad gets a cat.

Squatch Smashers Episode 11 – Master Chad’s School of Monster Defense was created by, produced and edited by Darren Esler

Vlad the Vampire performed by George Caleodis Please follow him on twitter @caleodis.

Written by Darren Esler and Matt McDonald and George Pete Caleodis

Zeke Delfour, Master Chad were played by Darren Esler

Kelly Wortkoetter played Janice, a powerful, independent woman.

Matt McDonald played Elvis and Tomash. He never gives me anything to put in his credits so I’m going to make something up. Matt is a Cowboy Astronaut Pirate Robot.

Fwuffy Wumpkins may or may not be based on my real cat named Kiki who is very fluffy but also very pointy and slashy.

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