Episode 008 – The Self Aware Frat Guy

Last weeks encounter with the Mothman of West Virginia is resolved… sort of and a “reserve” episode where we interview a professor from Harvard about his book entitled: “On the Trail of the Self-Aware Frat guy.

Squatch Smasher Comedy Podcast Website It’s Already Been Done Presents

Creator, writer, and Zeke Delfour performer guy: Darren Esler

Vlad performed by George Caleodis

Squatch Smashers Episode 8 – The Self-Aware Frat Guy was written produced and edited by Darren Esler

Vlad the Vampire was played by George Pete Caleodis. George Pete Caleodis does stuff and is for hire in Los Angeles and Ohio. Please follow him on twitter @caleodis.

Professor Chase was played by Jeff Gage – Jeff is an actor/ improv instructor at The Columbus Funny Bone Comedy Club/founder and host of The Improv Wars in Columbus.

Exciting new credit: “Script consultant” is Matt McDonald. Me write good but he better at word make go.

A clip from last week had Charlie Weirauch in his role as Timmy Pillows so credits!!
Charlie Weirauch is an actor, known for The Newsroom (2012), Reno 911! (2003) and Bella and the Bulldogs (2015).
Here is his IMDB page

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